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Look at my intranet! LOOK AT IT! It's glorious and magnificent. And even more importantly, it's utterly vital to my colleagues. Holmes is used by more than 90% of our staff daily and 94% of people who responded to our survey said it really helps them do their jobs. We do all we can to keep it simple. It does what's need in no more than two clicks. My colleagues trust Holmes. What more could an intranet manager want? It does its job well and it looks sexy while it's doing it.

Entry from:

Name: Wendy Jordan
Company or organization: Wheatley Group


  1. James Duff

    An amazing Interactive intranet that staff help create and maintain!

    Makes everyone’s job so much easier.

  2. Shona Harris

    Amazing site! It’s a great, friendly way to find out what all my Wheatley colleagues are up to. Keep up the excellent work 🙂

  3. Great intranet Wendy and you make us all very proud at Interact Intranet to see what amazing things can be achieved both in terms of how it looks and how it is used. Keep doing an amazing job! Hope you get lots of votes!

  4. Liz Robertson

    Love Holmes Wendy, really looking forward to Loretto getting access to it

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