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As the world situation continues to change, we have decided to extend the deadline to enter the Digital Workplace of the Year Awards once again. You now have until July 20 to enter, an extra three months!

The Awards provide the perfect opportunity for you and your organization to share your digital workplace achievements with peers and to gain global industry recognition. But what does it mean to the people and organizations who win? We asked some of the winners from last year.

Linda Tinnert – Digital Workplace Leader of the Year, Runner-up

Linda, Solution Area Lead for Digital Workplace at Swedish furniture giant IKEA, has been way ahead of the curve for a decade or more, inspiring others with her passion and leadership.

Linda says: “For me, just to be nominated felt really great! It was such a great acknowledgement from people outside of my organization, and it was definitely a confidence boost! But I also felt that this was a nomination for my whole team and all the wonderful people I have worked with over the years. The Award is really for them as well; it takes a team to make a difference and I know that they all also felt really proud about the Award as well.” Linda has now moved on from IKEA to Ingka Services, whose core business is IKEA retail – we are looking forward to hearing about the waves she makes there!

Stagecoach Group – Award for Enabling the Frontline

Senior Analyst at Stagecoach, Ricky Sickelmore, says: “This Award is a great acknowledgement of how hard we worked, together with the team from Blink, to deliver this platform to around 24,000 employees in a relatively short space of time. It has meant so much to the entire team, but particularly to our frontline employees across all age groups, who have embraced this platform and way of working. Sometimes, recognition like this can be a great motivator and reward for the entire team.” Stagecoach has delivered real benefit to drivers and engineers through its Blink app, including two-way communication, incident reporting, , holiday requests, chat, and more.

Moscow Domodedovo Airport – Award for Knowledge Management

Head of Knowledge Management, Olga Bogomolova, says: “We were greatly honored with this award. Moscow Domodedovo Airport was one of many teams nominated and . This win means a lot to my team and is great recognition for six years of hard work. Today we have a knowledge-sharing infrastructure with established cooperation between the employees, and an innovative environment. As a team, we also gained huge recognition within the company for this award, which in turn led us to a new stage, new projects and great prospects for us all.”

The Digital Workplace of the Year Awards, produced by Digital Workplace Group (DWG), celebrate those organizations and practitioners that have excelled at creating well-executedhigh-performing digital workplace environments.

For 2020 there are two categories:

  • Digital Workplace of the Year 2020(awarded to an organization) – open to submission by any organization; one overall winner and several category awards.
  • Digital Workplace Leader of the Year 2020(awarded to an individual) – nominated by peer experts with one overall winner and several category awards.

The winners will be announced live during DWG24 – a unique digital workplace insight event, broadcasting from around the world over 24 hours from 31 September to 1 October, keep an eye on our website for more details. The deadline to submit your entry is midnight (GMT) on July 20, 2020.

If you have any questions about the Awards, please email:

Wishing you the best of luck with your entry!

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