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London, February 19 – The 24-hour, online event, Digital Workplace 24 takes place in just under one week, on February 26-27, 2019 with global brands such as Adobe, American Express, Avanade, GE, Google, ING, Oxfam, Philips, Royal Bank of Canada, Save the Children, UNHCR, Volvo, Workplace by Facebook and World Bank. The show will broadcast non-stop and provide a continuous live stream of rich digital workplace content for every time zone.

Produced by Digital Workplace Group (DWG), the 2019 show will be the sixth DW24 that DWG has hosted, and will feature live tours and real-time demos of some of the world’s best digital workplaces, including intranets, collaboration platforms, mobile sites/apps, innovative HR portals, and more.

In addition, studio guests include thought leaders, futurists and authors: David Brin, Isabel De Clercq, Dion Hinchcliffe, Stan Garfield and Kevin Werbach. US Presidential Candidate, Andrew Yang also joins the line-up and will share his perspective on disruptive technology, Universal Basic Income and work. View all studio guests.

Paul Miller, CEO and Founder of Digital Workplace Group, says: “For me, I adore hosting chucks of this “festival, extravaganza, marathon, journey” and acting as Executive Producer, because this is the internet at its very best: bringing people together in real time who could never be together physically; treading lightly on the planet; bringing a sense of the “true face of the digital workplace”; engaging a new younger audience for this growing digital workplace industry; having huge fun with music; showcasing wild card guests; and, overall, helping people both to learn and have a great time.”

Rita Zonius, Director of The Enterprise Social Engineer is one of the hosts: “I’m so thrilled to be the Australian host of DW24. There’s no better way to get ideas on how to change the way you work than to learn lessons from those who have gone before you. This 24-hour, online event is a binge-fest for those who want to immerse themselves in some of the world’s best digital workplaces.”

Confirmed studio guests:

  • Adobe, Andrea Brant, Group Manager, Digital Communications
  • Adobe, Jenn Hathaway, Senior Manager, Digital Communications
  • Adobe, Toni Vanwinkle, Sr. Director, IT Employee Experience Solution
  • American Express, Marc Cantwell, VP, Integrated User Experience
  • Avanade, Florin Rotar, Executive, Global Digital Lead
  • Aviva, Luke Mepham, Service Owner: Collaboration & Messaging
  • Boagworks, Paul Boag, User Experience & Service Design Consultant
  • connect|share|lead, Isabel De Clercq, Founder, Keynote Speaker, Sparkle Architect, Author
  • Constellation Research, Dion Hinchcliffe, Author, Analyst, Thought Leader
  • Changing The Terms, Mike Klein, Principal
  • David Brin, Author, Futurist, Public Speaker
  • Drees & Sommer, Christine Kohlert, Global Head of Workplace Solutions
  • Fidelity International, Susan Quain, Senior Digital Channels and News Manager
  • Finnair, Patrik Etelävuori, Digital Transformation Lead
  • Friends of Andrew Yang, Andrew Yang, 2020 Presidential Candidate
  • GE, Daniel Ranta, Executive KM Leader, GE-wide
  • Google, Jeffrey Bates, Senior Staff Product Operation Manager
  • Harvard University, Joshua Simons, Kennedy Scholar
  • ING, Joris Kok, Product Owner
  • James Dellow, Digital strategist, collaboration consultant and human-centred designer
  • Leicester University, Ross Parry, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor
  • Leicester University, Ross Tabard, Senior Internal Communications Officer
  • Leicester University, Lauren Vargas, Digital Fellow
  • Liberty Mutual, Troy Campano, Head of Product
  • Lithos Partners, Sharon O’Dea, Co-founder
  • Meeting of the Minds, Gordon Feller, Founder
  • Oxfam International, Dianna Langley, Digital Workplace Manager
  • Philips, Dennis Agusi, Director Communication Channels
  • Rivelty.Intranet, Elena Bogdanova, Intranet Consultant
  • Roberta Style Lee, Roberta Lee, Sustainable Stylist, Coach and Speaker
  • Royal Bank of Canada, Aaron Kim, Director, Innovation Research, Architecture and Digital Collaboration
  • Stan Garfield, Knowledge Management Author, Speaker, and Community Leader
  • Save The Children, Lucas Mburu, Head of Technology Hub
  • Schneider Electric, Leanne Cunnold, SVP Global Internal Communications
  • Scottish Government, Jacqui Randle, Head of Organisation Change and Behaviour
  • Te Wānanga o Aotearoa, Eddie Walker, Digital Platform Architect
  • Technology@Work, Jason Green, Co-Founder and CEO
  • Telstra, Tarnya Dunning, General Manager Corporate Affairs
  • The Enterprise Social Engineer, Rita Zonius, Director
  • Udal Cuain, George Muir, Futurist, Evangelist and Keynote Speaker
  • University Technology Sydney, David Herbert, Manager, Intranet and Collaboration
  • Volvo, Robert Rigo, Service Owner – Digital Workplace
  • Wells Fargo, Christy Season Punch, Digital Workplace Consultant & Product Manager
  • Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Kevin Werbach, Wharton Professor and Author
  • Workplace by Facebook, Maria Purcell, Sales Manager, EMEA
  • World Bank, Samia Melhem, Lead Policy Specialist, Transport and Digital Development

View the 24-hour schedule.

Tickets can be booked via the DW24 website.

Press contact:
Kate Algar, Marketing Manager


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