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“Working out loud is not just a new way of knowledge sharing, it’s really about a new way of learning and working.” Isabel De Clercq

The fourth episode in our series of Digital Workplace Impact podcasts covers that most popular of buzzwords in digital workplace and collaboration circles – working out loud (or WoL as it’s often shortened to).

The term “working out loud” was popularized by John Stepper in his book Working Out Loud: For a better career and life and the success of events such as International Working Out Loud Week but, like many things in the digital space, the term is open to huge misunderstanding.

To debunk the myths and help us get to grips with the practice of working out loud we’re joined by two pioneering female leaders in the tech space – Isabel De Clercq, Trendcatcher, Firestarter, Sparkle Architect and Learning Consultant at Kluwer Training, and Kelly O’Conor, Service Manager for Digital Workplace at Bank of New York (BNY) Mellon.

Host Paul Miller leads a thought-provoking conversation about what exactly working out loud means and its relevance in today’s time-poor, resource-rich world… and gets to the bottom of whether working out loud adds to the information overload (and really is noisy)?

Follow the link below to enter the world of working out loud…

Listen to Episode 4 – Is it really noisy working out loud?

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