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Successful adoption of enterprise social

Webinar summary: On Tuesday, July 1st see a live intranet tour from AXA-US, where the successful adoption strategy for enterprise social tools targets multiple types of internal audience. Also hear from Melcrum about a new report on digital, social, mobile communications.

Show topics: 1) Live tour of AXA-US social intranet and learn about their strategy for adoption of enterprise social.
2) Melcrum report: gaining the edge on digital, social, mobile communication.
Date & time: Tues, July 1st  |  11:00 New York-EST · 16:00 London-GMT
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Live intranet tour: Successful adoption of social at AXA-US

Greg Gregor - AXA-US intranetGreg Gregor is an intranet professional’s professional. His LinkedIn profile reads like the quintessential role description for today’s modern intranet manager. He “gets” intranets and understands the complex milieu of company culture, different levels of technical savvy, and varied personalities and learning styles that make social intranet adoption the challenge it is.

On the July 1st episode of Digital Workplace Live, Greg will join us to share some of the secrets behind the successful adoption of enterprise social at AXA-US.

Greg’s guided tour of the AXA-US intranet will specifically highlight their adoption approach, which employed different strategies for different learning styles and levels of expertise.

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Melcrum’s latest research on digital, social, mobile

Jen Shatwell - MelcrumJen Shatwell of Melcrum joins the show to discuss the latest research on Gaining and Sustaining the Edge in Digital, Social and Mobile Communications.

Melcrum is a leading association for internal communicators at companies around the world. This new report provides insights into how modern internal communications can innovate using digital, social and mobile tools and channels. Case studies in the report cover major global companies such as Thomson Reuters and HP.

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About the author

Ephraim Freed, Communications Manager for the Digital Workplace Group (DWG)Ephraim Freed is a communicator and self-proclaimed “intranet nerd”.

Ephraim works at Riot Games now, but previously worked at DWG overseeing marketing, facilitating in-person & online member events and hosting our monthly webinar, Digital Workplace Live.

Prior to that, as a writer and professional services consultant for social intranet software company, ThoughtFarmer and managed internal communications and launched a social intranet at Oxfam America.

In his spare time Ephraim raises his two baby girls, goes trail running and plays many sports with great mediocrity.

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