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Nikhil Nulkar joined DW24 from Bangalore, India, to  share the Thoughtworks intranet.  Thoughtworks were part of IBF Live 2011 so we were all interested to see what had changed in the last 3 years. Thoughworks are a software development company so there had been lots of change of course, with ‘Mythoughtworks’ now based in Jive serving around 2500 people. Jive out of the box, with added menu items


Priorities have been and still are to connect more devices to a more connected set of systems, providing one consolidated view of internal information sources and provide a community feel to the social collaboration functionality. As an example Beryllium is the new leadership team – working collaboratively and openly.

MTW Beryllium

The benefits were demonstrated with a Healthcare use case, where a question was asked and many different people from different places contributed t a solution lots of details shown on the show

MTW Healthcare use case

How do they measure success? Access numbers yes, but also reduce time to work on a proposal , speed of information and so on.  Examples like this used in business cases.


Nirmala Palniappan Knowledge Management Head at Oracle, also based in Bangalore then joined in the studio conversation.  Nirmala is the Lead for the social enterprise initiative for Asia Pacific technical unit.   Nirmala described ho in a company like Oracle there are lots of teams interested in developing tools on their own.  A key recent development has been a mobile app for cheat sheets.  and expertise locator based on dynamic mapping.

Peter Williams Chief Edge Officer, at Deloitte re-joined the event from  Australia. He described how he found keen young developers who created a great new system at Deloitte, but  IT had wanted to investigate this system as a breach of rules and yet Peter wanted to congratulate them on their innovation. Peter got team out of trouble, but then set the new team on a series of new projects as white hackers, hacking to make things better, using  open source solution with no budget, but a fairly free reign.

As an example, expertise profiles needed review.  People were already maintaining profiles in LI and the intranet.  At home the prided themselves on innovative Facebook profiles – why not turn to this new team to drive innovation

DelloiteSocial example

*NB YOLO (You Only Live Once) and CLM (Career Limiting Move)

Peter believes in supporting young passionate people, but often sees a tension in businesses of people wanting to innovate but then locking down processes.

Studio discussion finished the hour around the fact you can now bring a large organisation into a much smaller connected feel through social media use

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Helen Day - DWG's Managing DirectorHelen Day is the Group Managing Director of Digital Workplace Group. Her role includes chairing DWG member meetings in the UK and Europe and developing business strategy along with DWG clients. Prior to joining DWG, Helen worked for 14 years at the UK-based pharmacy chain Boots the Chemists, now part of Walgreens, where she set up the organization’s first intranet. She led an award-winning site-wide redesign as well as projects to consolidate seven business intranets – some international – and to roll out a new group-wide CMS and portal.

When not working, Helen spends much of her time trying to fit in 10,000 steps a day, controlling crazy cats, renovating a 1930s house to its former glory and learning how to use all the food its orchard garden produces.

Connect with Helen on Twitter at @helenday.

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