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In a nutshell, we merged IBF and DWF into one service and changed our name to "Digital Workplace Group." The new name represents the broader set of services we've grown to offer, beyond an original focus on just intranets. We also changed the name of our monthly webinar from "IBF Live" to "Digital Workplace Live."

Although we've relabelled things, we're proud of our decade+ history and have left this page intact. Enjoy your time on our site and please contact us with any questions or comments.

Today the Digital Workplace Group (DWG) announced that Paul Miller, CEO and Founder of DWG, has been invited to speak at Melcrum’s 10th Annual SCM Summit.

The SCM Summit, taking place at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower in London on the 12th and 13th October, is the premier annual meeting for internal communication professionals.

Miller will be discussing “The Digital Workplace” and its future in internal communications strategy with a prestigious panel featuring Mark Johnston, SharePoint Product Manager of Microsoft UK and Mike Graham, Customer Success Manager (EMEA) of Yammer Inc.

Paul Miller said “I’m delighted that Melcrum have invited me to speak about “The Digital Workplace” at such a highly-regarded event as the SCM Summit. We are at a real turning point in the history of work. Individuals no longer have to be based in a physical office to get their work done or to interact with their colleagues. Collaboration technologies, social tools and mobile devices are increasingly the new digital place of work and enable a more engaged workforce, allow for better productivity and also reduce costs. This is a profound and fascinating journey that we are only just beginning to understand.”

Miller, whose book “Digital Workplace: The New World of Work” is due for publication in early 2012, is a frequent speaker, writer and commentator on intranets, collaboration and the future of workplace technologies.

To view the full Summit programme, please visit

About the Digital Workplace Group

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Since 2002, IBF has been helping members maximise the effectiveness and value of their intranets through benchmarking, interaction and research.

To join, an organisation pays an annual fee to belong to one of four membership groups depending on where you’re based and organisation size. Only major companies and public-sector organisations are eligible to join.

Since 2002, IBF has carried out over 400 intranet evaluation and benchmarking exercises in major organisations worldwide. This makes us the leading authority on intranets and portals, and gives us unrivalled insight into intranet best practice. Because we are independent of any technology vendor and don’t sell consultancy services, DWG’s benchmarking findings and recommendations are impartial.

IBF was established in 2002 by The Empowerment Group (now the Digital Workplace Forum Group Limited), a UK-based organisational communication consultancy.

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Melcrum advises internal communication leaders at 69% of the Global Fortune 100 largest organisations and 84% of the FTSE 100. Through independent research and executive education, Melcrum helps internal communicators achieve the rewards and recognition they deserve.

With global networks and offices in the UK, US and Australia, Melcrum researchers and editors spend their time meeting and talking to practitioners to find out where the best work gets done. Melcrum makes these tools, techniques, and case studies available to its members through publications, research, events, forums and websites.

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