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27th May 2010 – Free virtual event IBF 24, from 2-3 June, 2010, is largest gathering of the digital workplace industry. BT, T-Systems, Deloitte, British Airways, BBC, Aviva, Ernst & Young and Thomson Reuters are among nearly 20 firms set to demonstrate their digital workplaces live next week.

Hosted by the Digital Workplace Group (DWG), this free-to-attend online conference also features opinion-forming guest speakers from the digital world, including Jeff Jarvis, author of ‘What Would Google Do?’, John Abell, New York bureau chief of Wired, and Loic Le Meur, founder and CEO of social software application, Seesmic.

Hosted over a 24-hour period across the EMEA, Americas and APAC regions, speakers will show how they are combating the impact of volcanic ash, earthquakes, airline strikes and the wrong kind of snow.

Keynote speeches, panel discussions, intranet tours, demonstrations and presentations will enlighten the audience as to how some of the most technologically advanced firms are evolving work life and reaping the advantages.

Paul Miller, founder and CEO of IBF, said: “”Too many disruptions are stopping people from travelling – costing the global economy millions. This makes the digital workplace more valuable than ever. For example, our research shows that firms which invest £1.5m each year in their intranets can expect to generate an average of £70m in savings. Attendees of IBF 24 will have the opportunity to hear from firms realising such benefits and from true evangelists of the digital world.”

Taking the form of a live radio show with accompanying demonstrations, IBF 24 will broadcast from London, New York, San Francisco and Melbourne. The event also includes thought-provoking segments, such as intranet secrets, women of the web, corporate sustainability, social media within the workplace, technology and society, and other compelling current subjects.

Mark Morrell, intranet manager at BT and author of his own blog, will be the first speaker to give a live intranet tour. He commented: “”I’ll be showing IBF 24 attendees how we’ve transformed our intranet using social media and explaining how we’ve benefited from tools such as BTpedia, Blog central, RSS and podcasting. This is a free demonstration of BT’s intranet, and I hope attendees of the event will find it both informative and inspiring.”

More information and registration details can be found at: -ENDS

Notes to media – 

Organisations confirmed to demonstrate digital workplaces: Nokia, British Airways, BBC, Aviva, Deloitte, Thomson Reuters, AT & T, Pacific Gas and Electric, BT, Ernst & Young, Scana, American Electric Power and Total.

Industry figures confirmed to present: John Abell (, Jeff Jarvis (What would Google do?), David Sacks (Yammer), Steve Krug (Usability guru), Ian Pearson (Futurologist), Euan Semple (formerly BBC), Loic Le Meur (Seesmic), Scott Liewehr (CM Pros), Etienne Wenger (social learning theorist), Paul Armstrong (@themediaisdying), Richard Millington (Feverbee), Patti Anklam (KM expert), Sameer Patel (Sovos), Marc Wright (Simply Communicate), Ayelett Noff (Blonde 2.0), Ross Dawson (Futurist).

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