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Thanks for visiting the Digital Workplace Group (DWG) website. You'll see this post may refer to the "Intranet Benchmarking Forum (IBF)," the "Digital Workplace Forum (DWF)" or "IBF Live." But that doesn't match our website name!

In a nutshell, we merged IBF and DWF into one service and changed our name to "Digital Workplace Group." The new name represents the broader set of services we've grown to offer, beyond an original focus on just intranets. We also changed the name of our monthly webinar from "IBF Live" to "Digital Workplace Live."

Although we've relabelled things, we're proud of our decade+ history and have left this page intact. Enjoy your time on our site and please contact us with any questions or comments.

Ever felt a little isolated as an intranet manager and wondered whether you have the right people, process and technology in place?

What better way to be reassured than to look at what other organisations are doing with their intranets and to talk to those responsible for them?

If you were amongst the hundred or so organisations attending this years IBF 24 event then you achieved just this, watched and listened to; a series of in-depth intranet tours from the likes of BBC, BT, IKea, Nissan, Nokia and SAP, debated; establishing a balance between governance and control and learnt about how to calculate the financial value of your intranet.

"A first in the global intranet space" says Jane McConnell author of the annual Global Intranet Analysis Report, IBF 24, gave those attending not only an insight into how others manage their intranets but for many a mechanism for influencing key decision makers and leveraging change.

The Digital Workplace Group have published an archive of IBF 24 recordings, £400 / US$800 / €600

May you never feel lonely again!

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About the author

Nancy Goebel - DWG's Managing Director for Member & Benchmarking ServicesNancy Goebel is DWG’s Managing Director for Member Services. In addition to heading up service delivery, she is responsible for member engagement, retention and growth. Nancy also sits on DWG’s Board of Directors.

Prior to joining the Digital Workplace Group, Nancy was a accomplished executive at JPMorgan Chase where she built and led a global team in desigining and implementing an award-winning intranet. She also led digital enablement and business re-engineering initiatives.

Outside work, Nancy is a wine maker, fundraiser, meditator, wife and mother of two.

Connect with Nancy on Twitter: @nancyatdwg or on Google +.

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