Digital Renaissance of Work – Chapter 11

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The Digital Renaissance of Work – Chapter 11
“Making the Business Case”

Digital Renaissance of Work book coverIn recent years a critical mass of evidence has emerged around the very real value that the digital workplace can contribute to the organization.

More than this, it has been shown that an effective digital workplace is essential to the competitiveness of the organization.

This is true across industries, with organizations that are recognized as digital leaders outstripping competitors in profitability, revenue and market value.

While we focus primarily on the ‘hard’ financial benefits that can flow from strategically aligned investment in the digital workplace, we also fold in the so-called soft’ benefits and ways in which these contribute to the business case. The benefits in summary are:

  • Cost optimization
  • People and productivity
  • Business continuity
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Increased revenue
  • Accelerating innovation


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