Digital Renaissance of Work – Chapter 1

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The Digital Renaissance of Work – Chapter 1
“Plentiful work we enjoy—a first in human history”

Digital Renaissance of Work book cover“Inspirational, innovative, affordable technology that transports words, images and ideas around the world at previously impossible speeds.

Sound familiar? Of course it does – it’s the world we inhabit today, isn’t it? Yes, it certainly is, but these words refer equally well to the exhilarating period in the fifteenth century when Johannes Gutenberg first brought movable type printing to Europe. His radical invention precipitated the thrilling arrival of the first printed (and therefore cheap) books.”

“Just like today, profound innovation energized a communication revolution that would sweep virally across the planet. Invigorated by the Gutenberg Press, an unprecedented 200-year period followed, which saw an outpouring of artistic, cultural, educational, political, scientific and social exuberance that later became known as ‘The Renaissance’ or rebirth.”

“So where is the parallel today? For the medium of the printing press, read Internet; for cheap availability of paper, think almost limitless data.”

The digital connections forged are transforming every aspect
of how we live and work, reshaping our view of being human.


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