How can I improve my intranet?

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A variety of fresh, targeted resources.

Recommendations just for you

IBF benchmarking delivers in-depth evaluations of your intranet, with extensive expert feedback.

6.1 Recommendations just for you

Get the measure of the problem:

  • Improvement begins with robust measurement of your current state
  • Benchmarking pinpoints key strengths and weaknesses, and the size of the challenge ahead
  • Your IBF evaluation report gives you a roadmap for future progress
  • Impartial performance data supports the business case for change

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Documented best practices

Use the continuing flow of case studies and examples to see what good truly looks like.

6.2 Documented best practices

Benefit from others’ experience:

  • Consult the huge array of case studies from our exclusive research reports
  • Gain inspiration from our online library of benchmarking good practice
  • Take a live video tour of some of the best intranets on the planet
  • Catch up with our DWG Live broadcasts and Knowledge Exchanges

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Learn from an exclusive group of peers

Connect and share in a confidential setting with peers from major organizations around the globe.

6.3 Exclusive group of peers

Tap the minds of your fellow professionals:

  • Join our support network of over 1,000 intranet specialists
  • Share insights and problems at DWG events and discussion groups
  • Get honest feedback on your organization’s intranet and development plans
  • Copy ideas (with permission) from the world’s leading intranet teams

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