7 ways to use benchmarking

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Get the most from your DWG evaluation

Think ahead to maximize value

Benchmarking works best when combined with an overall plan for developing and improving your intranet. We can advise you on the right approach. In the meantime, download our short guide to getting the most from an DWG evaluation.

7 ways to use benchmarking

From our work with members, we’ve identified seven key objectives for benchmarking within major organizations:

  • DWG Download 7 ways to use benchmarkingInput for intranet strategy and roadmap
  • Set baseline for a redesign, then compare
  • Cut through internal politics with neutral data
  • Objective comparison with other intranets
  • Proof of a bad intranet, to justify budgets
  • Proof of a good intranet, to validate efforts
  • Help new people get up to speed.

Complete the form on the right to download our free guide. You can also request a sample benchmarking report giving more details of our evaluation methodology and outputs.

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