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About DWG

IBF website imageDWG is the world leader in intranet benchmarking, research and interaction, with offices in London and New York.

Its 80 plus members include Amgen, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, IKEA, Exxon Mobil, ING, Liberty Mutual and Ernst & Young.

DWG members are typically drawn from Fortune 500 companies and equivalents, as well as medium-sized companies and public sector organizations.

DWG has flexible membership options allowing organizations of different sizes and sectors to participate at a level that works best for them.

Since 2002, the Digital Workplace Group (formerly known as the Digital Workplace Group or “IBF”) has been helping members maximize the effectiveness and value of their intranets and digital work ecosystems through benchmarking, interaction and research. Members agree to strict confidentiality on joining.

Because DWG is independent of any technology vendor, all benchmarking findings and recommendations are impartial.

For more information contact:

Paul Miller
CEO and Founder
T: +44 (0) 20 7722 8726 | + 44 (0)7785 255883

Nancy Goebel
Managing Director, Member Services & Strategic Partnerships
T: +1 (866) 903 0232

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