Core principles

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We operate under clear guiding principles — Independence and trustworthiness are the cornerstones of our success.


On joining, members agree to strict confidentiality terms to protect themselves and other member organizations. We ensure these terms are adhered to so that any information you choose to share is restricted to members. The result is extremely high trust levels, even among sector competitors, who are then ready to share experiences and learnings.


DWG is strictly vendor-neutral. Although we benchmark some of the world’s largest technology companies, this never influences our evaluations. We are also 100% independently owned, which guarantees that our approaches and services are never compromised by a third party.

Our benchmarking findings and recommendations are strictly impartial and independent. Our rigorous and thorough benchmarking methodology ensures that this is the case.

We recently opened a consulting arm, but with strict processes in place to ensure that consultants do not have access to benchmarking data that clients don’t want them to see. We never seek consulting opportunities off the back of our benchmarking.


To join DWG, your organization must normally be a global Fortune 1000 or equivalent-sized company or a major public body. This ensures that the organizations you are benchmarked against – and with whom you share knowledge – are of comparable stature and are dealing with the same kinds of challenges.

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