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Hi, my name is sharOn and it stands for sharing Our network. I joined PUB back in 2008. If you take a closer look at my name above, the overlapping speech bubbles form the “O”. That’s because I connect people and I thrive on having colleagues share information with me, and that makes up the wealth of knowledge I have.

I know everyone in PUB and people often ask me to link them up with another colleague. I can provide details of the other person – their email address, contact number, and even their photo, just so that they can recognise one another when they meet. I keep a schedule of events on the Events Calendar and my colleagues are free register and join me at any of the events. They often share their latest happenings with me too. It could be a department retreat that they attended, or an exciting public engagement event that just took place. I share these news on the “What’s New” on homepage so that everyone can be updated of the latest happenings around them. I also share stories on the compliments my colleagues have received from our customers through the “We Can Serve” blog and these stories are such a hit! People enjoyed reading the stories and often leave very positive and encouraging comments.

sharOn blogpost

Example of a 'We can serve' Blogpost

But besides all the fun, I take pride in working closely with my colleagues and helping them in their job. For instance, to help us all work more efficiently, I grouped the forms they need, together with step-by-step guides and policy documents in a page. These one-stop pages are called “Task pages” and my colleagues do not have to look all over for the information they need. I also believe in the sharing of knowledge. I make it easy for my colleagues to find the information they need and this is achieved with a good search engine and simple information architecture. To encourage them to learn from one another, I have a Learning page where my colleagues can ask questions or share interesting information they came across. Circulars are also prominently displayed on the homepage so that my colleagues are aware of the new policies in place.


Example of a Task page


Example of a Learning page

If there’s any intranet that should win the Beautiful Intranet contest, it has got to be me - sharOn. So hurry, vote for me now!

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Name: Rachel Loo
Company or organization: PUB


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