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podcast-picture-2The second episode of our Digital Workplace Impact podcast is here – and it’s fascinating!

Do you sometimes wish your physical workplace was more inspiring? Invigorating? Even fun?

Interesting workplaces aren’t just for entrepreneurs, creatives and “young people” – corporate and older employees are increasingly getting involved and seeking out such opportunities as well. Meanwhile, more traditional workplaces are trying to make their physical locations interesting too.

In this episode, Paul Miller discusses how the workplace is being re-imagined thanks to technology, with the rise of co-working spaces where you can work and even live together.

Paul is joined by guests Peter Fabor, founder of innovative co-working space Surf Office, and Phil Mennie, Global Social Media Risk and Governance Leader at consulting and accounting firm PwC to discuss the topic. Find out how Peter and Phil see our relationship with our work (and homes) evolving.

Captured your interest? Take a listen below…

Listen to Episode 2 – We work together, so why not live together?

If you missed episode 1 all about Bringing your whole self to work, be sure to check that out too.

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